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Mar. 27th - Band Razzoo

RAZZOO is the Gulf Coast variety band for your next occasion. Mixing Classic Rock, Blues, Country, Swamp Pop and R&B favorites, our job is delivering the perfect blend of music to entertain, excite and delight your guests whatever venue you have.

May 27th The All Nighters

May 28th Aaron Foret

May 29th Failure to Appear  plays from 5pm to 8pm


June 1st thru 5th Jeepin the Coast 2022 (check JTC 2022 schedule for events)

June 2nd Barstool Cowboys

June 3rd Failure To Appear

June 4th Sons of Uh Beech  plays from 2pm to 6pm

June 10th Chuck Lofton Band

June 17th Brad Sapia

June 18th Failure to Appear

June 24th Jr. Lacross


July 1st Barstool Cowboys

July 2nd Failure to Appear

July 8th Chuck Lofton Band

July 9th Brad Sapia

July 15th Barstool Cowboys

July 22nd The Rougarou's

July 23rd Shea Michael's Band

July 29th Son's of Uh Beech

July 30th Aaron Foret


August 5th Barstool Cowboys

August 6th Failure to Appear

August 12th Brad Sapia

August 13th Son's of Uh Beech

August 19th Chuck Lofton Band

August 20th Failure to Appear

August 26th Barstool Cowboys

August 27th Aaron Foret


September 2nd Jr Lacross

September 3rd Failure to Appear

September 4th 3C Band  plays from 4pm to 8pm

September 9th Brad Sapia

September 10 The All Nighters

September 16th Barstool Cowboys

September 24th The Rougarou's


October 2nd thru 9th Crusin The Coast

Octobber 7th Failure to Appear

October 8th Barstool Cowboys

October 14th Chuck Lofton Band

October 15th Brad Sapia

October 21st Jr. Lacross

October 22nd Son's of Uh Beech

October 28th Brad Sapia

October 29th Failure to Appear / Halloween Party


November 4th The All Nighters

November 5th The Rougarou's

November 11th Son's of Uh Beech

November 12th Chuck Lofton Band

November 18th Barstool Cowboys

November 19th Barstool Cowboys (yes again)

November 25th Jr. Lacross


December 3rd The Rougarou's

December 30th Barstool Cowboys




Less than one block off of the beach!

Mon. - Thurs. 11 am to 9 pm

 Fri. - Sat. 11 am to 11 pm

Sunday 11 am to 9 pm


Coastal Daiquiri | Long Beach MS
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